Advanced Space Providers Modular Building Technical Specifications Illustration
  1. Reinforced steel framework
    Top steel quality can be additionally coated and galvanized for use in the toughest climatic conditions. Steel construction is designed for easy handling and linking and also includes rainwater draining within the corner pillars.
  2. Easy to transport and re-locate
    Can be transported assembled due to special vertical and horizontal reinforcements.
  3. Windows & Doors
    Standard or non-standard windows made in EU with CE mark are available. Insulation of windows as high as U=0.7 W/m2K.
  4. Long term economic benefits
    Can be assembled and dissembled minimum of 3 times and can therefore be used on many consecutive projects over a long time period.
  5. Units developed to reduce cold bridging
    Unique insulated measures developed to minimise the effects of cold bridging on modular joints.
  6. Thermal and sound insulation
    Using various Trimo FTV fireproof panels of 60 to 240 mm thickness, thermal conductivity values (U) as low a U= 0.15 W/m2K (walls and ceiling); U=0.12 W/m2K (floor); U=0.7 W/m2K (doors and windows) can be guarantee as well as an Rw sound reduction of 32 dB.
  7. High Density Rock Wool
    100-120 kg/m3 assures vertical consistency and prevents heat bridges during the complete life span of the product.
  8. Fireproofing
    Walls, floors and ceilings are made of “A1” class non – combustible materials, are completely recyclable and environmental friendly. El Fire resistance class certified (EI30 – EI240).
  9. Various profiles and custom colours
    Various faced profiles are available to meet customers’ demands and any colour from the RAL colour-chart.